Unequalled Sports Research Experts

Turnkey provides properties, leagues, teams, and brands across the globe with data-driven strategic insights.

Deepest Sports Industry Analysis

With the richest database in the sports industry, we provide comparative benchmarks to assess partnership programs. Our tenured industry experts marry the art and science of sports partnerships, team operations, and the live event experience. Each year, Turnkey serves over 250 properties, teams, facilities, and events.

Data-driven Insights for Brands

As a third-party independent researcher, we provide a depth of accurate and actionable insights for brands invested in sports and entertainment.

Brand Impact Measurement

We have the proprietary benchmarking database to determine which activations are breaking through for sponsors, whether they are reaching their intended target, and how well they are driving consumers to purchase.

Tangible Asset Valuation

How much is a sponsorship package worth? How much media value did it deliver? Turnkey Intelligence delivers industry-leading valuation services to provide unparalleled insights for brands and properties. We go beyond the numbers, using our team's combined experience to align assets and opportunities with clients' strategic objectives.

Intangible IP Valuation

Sponsorships are unique in the way they present opportunity to leverage Intellectual Property from the partnership. Turnkey guides brands through the valuation of the IP, depending on the rights granted, assets, and activations.

Brand Impact Measurement

Using our proprietary benchmarking database, we help our clients determine how well their partners are engaging with and impacting their key audiences.

Sponsorship Valuation

"How much should we charge?" is a common question for sports properties. With our proprietary client-agnostic methodology, we use asset-specific CPMs to determine the fair market value of each asset within a sponsorship package. Our values are defensible down to the smallest detail because we derive our values from historical data.

Live Event Experience

We support the best live experiences, helping properties determine pain points from purchase to renewal. We map ticket buyers' experiences across the purchase cycle and compare findings against other venues to identify improvements.

Ticketing Strategy

For properties looking to pack the house, we help determine their ticket pricing and packages, the ancillary events and activations that drive game attendance, and arena improvements that appeal to target consumers.

Connect with Participants' Passions

Connection with sports is often rooted in consumers' own participation. From triathlons to youth leagues, they devote time, money, and mindshare. Our researchers understand what drives people to participate and how best to engage them - creating long-lasting relationships between participants' passions, the events they partake in, and the brands that make them happen.


Recreational sports provide people with the unique opportunity to connect with one another away from the distractions of today's world. We understand the finer details of what drives these people from different backgrounds to seek the connection that can only be found on the field of play.


Marathons, cycling, and mud runs - each year they attract millions of participants. Turnkey provides proprietary benchmarks to show what makes events unforgettable and advises properties and brands on leveraging connections with participants before, during, and after the event to drive brand and business objectives.


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